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I help Founders and CEOs with strategies for growth.

What I Do

  • Leaders all need one thing: Direction. Be they CEO's of a business, founders of a Start-Up or CEO's of a Non-Profit, leaders all want one thing: Strategies for growth.


    It might be a strategy for brand dominance, marketing, improved sales, a more effective website, or increasing word of mouth. Regardless, leaders want clear action plans in key areas.

    My job is to help leaders put a strategy together to plug these areas of growth.


    Rather than hire an agency or give someone a job, my clients hire me to look into their organisation to find their strengths and help them design a plan for them to put into action. All while giving them the confidence they're headed in the right direction.

  • The Method

    • I've spent over 500 man hours developing a unique process, known as the guided discovery system. A unique system of delivery structures used to generate effective action plans. I developed this system because most strategy planning is geared towards execution. I.e. A focus on what needs to be done, rather than what is the right thing to do.


      Instead, through the use of Blueprints, I first figure out what the organisation needs and then put the action plan together.


      Blueprints combine the best of both worlds. Leaders know their market well, their product well and their customers well. I combine this domain expertise with the latest in research, best practises and knowledge expertise and put the two together to create a strategy that is the best fit for them. Those action plans thus give leaders the clarity and confidence of what they need to do to generate growth.


    Why I Do It

    • My Work For Businesses

      It genuinely pains me when I see an organisation that has wasted a huge amount of resources acting on advice that was not right for them.

      There are scores of leaders out there overwhelmed by noise, overwhelmed by information. Leaders need to know which of that knowledge applies to them. It's much harder to know what your organisation needs to do, rather than get generic advice that helps everyone. I want to help those people get clarity.

      I want to help them cut through the noise through a personal experience that gets to the core of what is relevant only to them.


      What really satisfies and exhilarates me is when I've completed an engagement with a client, and they tell me after some time that when I came on board, it made all the difference in the world to their business. That makes me very happy.


      My clients treat me like their hired and trusted business partner, even when it's for just a short engagement.

      To be in this position, as opposed to someone that is purely sub-contracting or providing a commodity service makes all the difference to my work.

    • My Work For Start-Ups

      It's pretty simple, I absolutely love Start-Ups. I share the same level of excitement and passion as those within Start-Ups I work with. I understand what it feels like to want to create something that has impact, that changes the world. I very much share that vision and enthusiasm.

      At the same time I recognise that can't be achieved by technical prowess alone, or development capacity. There has to be a certain, if not, huge amount of marketing that has to go into it.

      Helping Start-Ups is my way of contributing to creating impact, not to mention the fact that I love working with developers. I am very comfortable with 'hackers' and 'coders' and understand their view of the world, which is pretty rare, but I can do it, and do.

Published Works

  • I like to write about Marketing, Digital Strategy and Entrepreneurship on a regular basis and I like to share my thoughts with people I meet to help them.

    Some of my blog posts have been cited in business journals and publications previously.

  • See my latest article


  • I usually prepare slide decks for my clients and students to give them a head start or to have something to refer back to later.

  • See my slide decks


  • I love working with and helping other freelancers.

    I created a special video course to help freelancers with marketing.

    It has nothing but 5-star reviews and is currently being distributed on multiple course platforms around the globe.

    I plan to create more courses next year.

  • See the video course

Around The Web

  • I am a highly ranked expert at and have rave reviews.

    I've helped a number of high-growth Start-Ups through as well as other websites around the globe.

    At one point, I did over 10 hours worth of calls in a period of just 36 hours.

    I have a podcast interview coming soon.

  • See the profile & reviews



  • Sometimes I conduct online/social experiments, sometimes just for fun and sometimes just to see what's possible.

    My last experiment was seen by an estimated 5000 people.

  • See my last social experiment

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  • A small sample of just some of the clients that Khuram has helped in the last few years.


  • RPC Containers

    Cost Reduction // Software Development

    RPC Containers Limited is one of the world's leading suppliers of Rigid Plastics Packaging, with clients such as Heinz and Dulux. RPC enlisted Khuram's help for the modernisation of their data import system from the injection moulding machines.

    As a result, the company improved its data import times by over 1200%

Small-to-Medium Size Enterprise (SME)

  • Saracens Solicitors

    Increased Sales Revenues // Digital Marketing

    A leading law firm in the heart of London, Saracens Solicitors has a number of reputable and high-profile clients both nationally and internationally. Khuram provided Digital Marketing assistance to Saracens for the purposes of SEO, PPC, PR and Community Engagement.

    The company now has an average of 160% ROI as a result, and enjoys a 27% increase in sales revenues

  • MyJobGroup Limited

    Cost Reduction // IT Consulting

    MyJobGroup was South Yorkshire's fastest growing company in 2007. Khuram provided IT consulting services directly to the CEO, internal IT teams and outsourced providers for smooth and reliable operation of their network across multiple branches. In addition to this he guided the company on latest technology implementations in order to support field sales executives and head office staff.

    To this day, MyJobGroup still benefits from over 99.9% network uptime and is able to support remote workers nationally through the technology infrastructure


  • Buffer App

    Efficient Management // Management

    Buffer App is a social media utility that is used by many businesses and customers alike for scheduling tweets. Khuram provided management guidance to the CEO for the purposes of nurturing a strong and efficient team.

    The Start-Up has a work ethic and culture that built atop these foundations and is now being emulated by many.

  • HOTD

    Product Development // IT Consulting & Digital Marketing

    HOTD has a social media fanbase of over 3 million followers (and growing). It is now listed in the top 20 largest community audiences on Facebook. HOTD approached Khuram for guidance and assistance on their product development in order to serve their huge fan base.

    HOTD now has a website and mobile app that serves over 20 thousand visitors a day.

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